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SCOPE BASEL 17. - 22. 6. 2014

SCOPE BASEL 17. - 22. 6. 2014

Gallery Vernon presents a selection of artworks at the international art fair in Basel.

Artists presented:
Andrey Kezzyn, Lucia Tallová, Martin Gerboc, Paul DeFlorian

Booth number B07
Booth area 209SF
SCOPE Pavilion
Uferstrasse 40
CH- 4057 Basel


Gallery Vernon at VOLTA9 - 10.-15. 6. 2013 in BASEL

Gallery Vernon at VOLTA9 - 10.-15. 6. 2013 in BASEL

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Also this year from June 10th – 15th Vernon Gallery will be part of VOLTA, Basel's platform for cutting-edge art and emerging international talent, which lights up the industrial Dreispitz Areal as a part of the main fair ART BASEL in its ninth edition.

We are pleased to introduce artworks of 2 prominent Czech artists: Irena Jůzová, and Jan Mikulka – the winner of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters' SELF prize in London. And 3 talented artists from abroad: Daniel González (Argentina, Germany), Maria Pia Severi and Simone Fugazzotto (Italy).

74 exhibitors stage contemporary projects of compelling distinction, representing Europe and the Americas, plus the Middle East, South Africa, and East Asia, with 58 galleries returning from previous VOLTA incarnations. VERNON GALLERY is one of them!


Vernon’s vision is to place world and Czech art side by side as equal partners and look for links between the artists.

Jan Mikulka (1980, Prague, Czech Republic) has studied in an atelier of classical painting led by professor Zdeněk Beran at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He follows the tradition of realistic or so-called hyperrealistic painting, but holds a personal tribute in his interpretation when he tries to capture human's resemblance including its most individual features and thus to find one's uniqueness. In 2011 he was awarded in the international competition BP Portrait Award in Great Britain. And in April 2013 Self-Portrait by Jan Mikulka has won the Royal Society of Portrait Painters' SELF prize in London.

Irena Jůzová (1965, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic), a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, from 2008 an associate professor in the field of Visual Art – Intermedia Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. During her studies and career she received several studio awards from the AFA and participated in many exhibitions, among others the European Biennale of Young Artists Germinations 7 in Grenoble, France (1992), 4th Biennale of European Academies of Visual Arts in Maastricht (1993), or 52nd Biennale of Modern Art in Venice, Italy (2007). She has won many scholarships and participated in many residencies, such as at Sculpture Space, INC., NY, USA, Arts Links Residencies of LBMA Video Annex, Museum of Art Long Beach, CA. Irena Jůzová is one the holders of the scholarship endowed by the Jana & Milan Jelinek Foundation. With its support her work was exhibited at the Media Art Biennale WRO 97 in Wroclav, Poland, and since 2006 it has been a part of the modern art collection of the National Gallery in Prague.

Simone Fugazzotto (1983, Milan, Italy) has built his relationship with visual arts since early age: he was a cartoonist as a child, a lover of art history in adolescence, a painter at the academy. His artistic expression has been shaped throughout various experiences around the world during his quest of a unique identity. Though academically developed, Fugazzotto has detached from classical influences, experimenting with new ways, fusing figures, textures and medias. In his paintings figures of “sophisticated” humans in disparate situations are combined with the figure of monkey — out of point of origin, an example oft he harmony in which is possibility to co-exist with the nature, a model of simplicity and of integrity. He exhibited his works in different art galleries of New York, Paris, Prague and Milan.

Daniel González (1963, Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works alternatively in Berlin and New York. He started out as a fashion designer, first in Argentina, then in Italy, andacts continuously on the border of fashion, art, and architecture, experimenting with different forms of artistic expression, often combining performance, installation or video projection. His fashion projects, and the performances heorganizes to present them, are provocative and sexy, aiming to shake people from everyday life and restorethe capacity to daydream and follow own desires. His artworks were presented in both, solo and group exhibitions, or art festivals all around the world: USA, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Czech Republic.

Maria Pia Severi (born in Carpi, Italy) has devoted many years to exploring the possibilities of the photographical expression. She debuted in 1984 with the original photographic book and exhibition from Modena, and after that published six other, where she introduced photo-series focusing mainly on particular cities or places – Bologna, Venice, Capri, presented with a new vision of the photographic reality. Through the images she skilfully matches places and monuments, portrayed in her unique and distinguishing style, and fascinating figures wrapped in an aura of mystery. Maria Pia’s style and talent to convey her emotions have been praised by many influential personalities in the world of art, such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Franco Vaccari, Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini or Carmine Siniscalco.

VOLTA9 at Dreispitzhalle is connected by direct, complimentary shuttles running to and from Art Basel and LISTE, for effortless transit between fairs. Plus, VOLTA9 is only 7 minutes from the central train station SBB by public transport, 9 minutes via the Tram 10 or 11 from Bankverein (Kunsthalle/Kunstmuseum), or 5 minutes by car. With a 450-place car park one block away, parking is trouble-free. All travel information can be found on our website.

VOLTA was founded in Basel in 2005 by dealers Kavi Gupta (Chicago), Ulrich Voges (Frankfurt), and Friedrich Loock (Berlin).
VERNON VOLTA9 portfolio

VOLTA8 & Vernon Gallery

VOLTA8 & Vernon Gallery
Also this year Vernon Gallery will be part of VOLTA8 that will return this year from Monday, 11th June through Saturday, June 16th, 2012 to Basel. The youngest of the lot, VOLTA is one of the most interesting satellite fairs to spin off from the week‘s leading light, Art Basel. Now in its eights year and Vernon Gallery is proud to present three talented artists: Jana Farmanová, Kit Reisch and Andrea Bianconi

Jana Farmanova 
1970, Nitra, Slovakia
In her art Jana Farmanova devotes herself solely to painting. She taps into the collective memory of painting, but she makes distinctive choices of material. One theme ‘overflows’ from one her paintings into the next, or from a prepared watercolour onto a canvas. This ‘overflowing’ theme is framed by a temporal unfurling and at the same time it reinforces the works’ strong narrative. The artist works with everyday themes (the family, private life, metaphors of home relating to the formation of interpersonal relations) using a language that adds magical poetics, dignity, and communicability to serious themes.

Kit Reisch
1986, Dallas, Texas USA
Much of Reisch‘s work over the last few years has been derived from the blind experience of a foreigner trying to adapt, successfully or otherwise, to his host culture. His kinetic sculptures often act as stand-ins for aliens trying to adapt to their situation, placed in their spaces and forced to struggle to exist. A do-it-yourself aesthetic is an important component of Reisch’s machines, as he often prefers to leave the hardware and wires, which support his objects visible to the viewer. 

Andrea Bianconi 
1974, Italy
Andrea Bianconi reconstructs the world by means of its very own ruins. His oeuvre is an incessant wandering amidst dreams, obsessions, risks, surprises, and an endless roaming among the fragments of words and things. A spectacle that is both delirium and destruction, assemblage and disassemblage: all this in order to reach an apparent reality: La Fantasy Ridge dell’Everest (as the artist himself calls it). More than a method, it’s an idea, the pathway of the imagination. In the piles of books, in the remains of living experience, in the cages—at once prisons and shelters—in the cascades of poor commemorative objects, the artist establishes temporary contiguity and unlikely proximity, reawakening the “demon of analogy”, pushing beyond the confines of reality

VOLTA is a platform for presenting the vision of contemporary art galleries of global repute whose artists represent new and relevant positions for curators and collectors alike. Conceived to bridge a gap between Basel's pre-existing fairs, VOLTA showcases galleries – whether young or mature – that choose as their mandate to work with the most exciting emerging artists. The galleries are selected by an annually changing Curatorial Board, a group of curators, art critics and gallerists, to give each edition its own clear identity and to redirect focus back on the art producers as well as their representing galleries.


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