9 December 2011– 29 April 2012

Exhibition Halls of the Municipal House
náměstí Republiky 5, Prague 1, open daily from 10 am to 7 pm
more information - www.tauromachie.cz

In December the exhibition TAUROMAQUIA – FACE TO FACE WITH THE BULL will open at the Municipal House presenting works by Picasso, Goya, and Dalí, Filla and Čapek

Vernon Consulting, in cooperation with the Municipal House, is preparing an unusual exhibition titled TAUROMAQUIA – FACE TO FACE WITH THE BULL. It will run from 9 December 2011 to 9 April 2012 in the gem of Art Nouveau architecture: the Municipal House. In a single location visitors will be able to view works by the greatest world masters (Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Francisco Goya) and famous Czech interwar artists (Emil Filla, Karel Čapek). The exhibited works by these artists share a common theme: the bullfight. It is on this controversial theme that the exhibition will provide vivid and fascinating testimony. As well as offering an extraordinary aesthetic experience Tauromaquia will convey to visitors the atmosphere of an inherent feature of Spanish culture.

The bullfight, the exciting and controversial Spanish spectacle, has always fascinated artists around the world. The theme appealed to Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Francisco Goya, and for Czech artists: Emil Filla and Karel Čapek. The bullfight was an inspiration for other artists too, such as Carlos Aires, Karel Myslbek, Jan Konůpek, Wilhelm Riedel, Linka Procházková and others, whose works will also be on show at the Municipal House.

Original drawings, oil paintings, ceramics, and archive materials will help to provide a context for the works of these famous artists, but also for the fascinating world of the Spanish bullfight. Many of the works at the exhibition have only rarely been seen before, some of them have never been shown in Prague, such as Picasso’s famous preparatory Carton du Guernica, which has the same dimensions as the actual painting. The exhibition will also present Picasso’s architectural drawings of the Plaza de toros arena from the collection of Lucie Bosé, and photographs from an album of the Bosé-Dominguin family, which include rare photographs of Picasso in a toreador outfit. 

The exhibition is intended for a wide audience, from students, to adults, families with children, and seniors and will present Prague with important art figures and styles with a common theme: the bullfight. ‘The exhibition will have an educative character – it will help people to understand the bullfight through items connected with the bullfight. Visitors will be able to see posters, films, and books on the theme, and even a real matador’s outfit’, says the director of Vernon Consulting, Monika Burian Jourdan.

In most civilisations the bull, the exhibition’s central motif, is a mystical symbol that signifies strength, bravery, and fertility. This animal force that the bull exudes is given fascinating form in the works of artists. But for artists the bullfight does not just represent a passionate spectacle of man versus animal. For example, for Francisco Goya tauromaquia was initially a tool with which to express his political dissidence. The exhibition will present the complete series of Goya’s Tauromaquia etchings, one of his most famous series.

Pablo Picasso, who was influenced by Goya, used tauromaquia as an instrument of struggle against the dictatorship of General Franco. Picasso’s drawings of bullfights were intended to draw the world's attention to the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica. At the exhibition visitors will be able to view more than twenty of Picasso’s pen drawings of bullfights and 38 ceramic works, as well as the Carton du Guernica.

In the eyes of the Surrealist master Salvador Dalí the bullfight was more of magical ritual than a competitive sport. The exhibition will present visitors with approximately five of Dalí’s fantastic bullfight images.

Tauromaquia also held a unique significance for Czech artists. For example, Emil Filla, like Goya and Picasso, used the theme of the bullfight to express the deep suffering of his age and resistance to Fascism. Karel Čapek, whose bullfight paintings will also be on display at the Municipal House, attended a bullfight on his trip through Spain, writing in his book Letters from Spain (1930): ‘The bullfight is about the struggle between man and animal, essentially as old as time itself; it has all the beauty of combat, and also all its pain.

Items on loan for the Tauromaquia exhibition have been provided by a number of important domestic galleries – the National Gallery, GASK, the Gallery of Hradec Králové, the Regional Gallery in Liberec, the Regional Gallery in Zlín, or the Gallery of North Bohemia in Litoměřice. Archive materials and other interesting items connected with the Spanish bullfight have been loaned for the exhibition by the Museo Taurino, the Spanish museum of bullfighting. Other works are coming to Prague, for instance, from Picasso’s birthplace museum the Museo Casa Natal in Malaga, the Musée Réattu in Arles, and from private collections.

The Tauromaquia project at the Municipal House is being prepared by a team of curators and the chief curator is Serena Baccaglini.


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